The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) provides a mechanism for approving Labour Mobility Exceptions, but it can only be used in some very limited cases. Exceptions to Labour Mobility refer to any additional material (significant) condition that is imposed on out-of-province applicants. These additional conditions can be imposed only when significant differences exist in skills, areas of knowledge or abilities leading to a significant scope of practice difference for a regulated occupation in different provinces or territories. Examples of additional material requirements may include: exams, training, experience, etc.

Additional material requirements are permitted when:

  • the purpose is to achieve a legitimate objective (such as public safety, consumer protection, etc.);
  • the requirement is not more restrictive than necessary to achieve that legitimate objective; and
  • the requirement does not create a disguised restriction to Labour Mobility.

All provincial and territorial governments are committed to providing transparent and clear information to explain any additional certification requirements.