If the creation of a new or a change to existing occupational standard is being considered, regulatory bodies are encouraged to inform their Labour Mobility Coordinator. For example, any changes to legislation, the scope of practice, categories of certification/licensure, and/or entry to practice requirements, should be communicated to other regulatory bodies through their respective Labour Mobility Coordinator.

When informed of changes, the Labour Mobility Coordinator of the jurisdiction where the regulatory body is considering to introduce a new standard or revise an existing standard will notify the other provinces and territories and will give them an opportunity to comment to avoid the creation of any new barriers that might result from the introduction or modification of standards.

Therefore, notifications should be circulated as expeditiously as possible and preferably when they are still at a development stage to afford other provinces and territories the opportunity and sufficient time to comment on the development of those standards. The best practice is to give jurisdictions one month to review proposed changes and provide comments.