No, once internationally trained/educated workers have been certified in a province or territory, they are recognized as qualified to work in the same occupation in another province or territory and should not be required to undergo any additional material requirements such as having qualification reassessed, taking exams, doing additional training, gaining additional work experience or undergoing other assessments, unless an exception to has been posted to the website.

Provincially certified internationally trained/educated workers are granted the same Labour Mobility opportunities as workers trained/educated in Canada. If you have been certified by the regulatory body of a province or territory to work in your occupation, and if you are in good standing, then the Labour Mobility provisions under the CFTA apply to you.

For information about internationally-trained and/or educated workers seeking to immigrate to Canada (outside Québec) please visit the federal website.

If you intend to immigrate to Québec, please visit Immigration-Québec’s website.