Even though you are certified in one province or territory, some or all of the following requirements may be imposed by the regulatory body of the province or territory where you are relocating in order to be certified:
  • pay an application or processing fee;
  • obtain insurance, malpractice coverage or similar protection;
  • post a bond;
  • undergo a criminal background check;
  • provide evidence of good character;
  • prove that you understand the specific laws of the province or territory related to the practice of your occupation;
  • provide a certificate, letter or other evidence from the regulatory body in each territory in which you are currently certified confirming that your certification in that territory is in good standing; and
  • provide proof of proficiency in English or French if this has not been previously assessed by the regulatory body in the province/territory of origin.

For more information about these requirements, please see the Best Practice Checklist for Certifying Labour Mobility Applicants. The document was developed to help regulatory bodies and workers know the requirements that can be asked from Labour Mobility applicants.